BStrong Kids Project




The Bstrong Kids project allows us to raise funds for children that are currently battling cancer and their families in the front line. This program is specifically for children under 18 yrs old that have recently been diagnosed, taking cancer treatments and are within the 5 year mark of remission.

  •  We provide a B-Box full of the child’s favorite items
  • We also donate a Bryantstrong check to the child’s family for some financial assistance.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer , the whole family and community is affected by it. From Day of diagnosis, everything changes immediately. The parents need to decide who will keep working and who will care for the child through this intense long process of childhood cancer. The financial burden gets bigger with one less income and a lot more expenses, with long hospital stays and expensive treatmets. In most cases, the single parent has to leave work to care for the child full time and depend on assistance from family, friends and foundations like the Bryantstrong Foundation, that offer financial assistance and emotional support.

Read the Journey’s of our BStrong Kids

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