Sending a Happy New Year’s note all the way to heaven…

Its been 5 New Years that I’ve survived without my son Bryant, he would be 11 years old now.

I can only imagine everything Bryant would be doing today. I’m sure he would be taking charge and running the Bryantstrong Foundation, working the toy drives, speaking at events & raising awareness. That was our plan, Bryant and I had talked about helping other kids through our non profit organization. He had so many goals.

Everything was so promising and we only had 1 week left for his counts to go back up…. But they never did, instead he relapsed and the leukemia cells came back. Everything after that went down hill real quick. Bryant had no fault in this, he loved God and we had so many plans for his life.

But that was not God’s plan. Apparently God had bigger plans for my 6 year old, Bryant. This year I wrote a New Years note to my 3 boys. I texted Stewie and Karlo but I had no where to send Bryant’s note, so I’m releasing it on this blog…

“Bryant, Happy New Year in heaven. I’m so proud of you. You made it to the finish line so fast. I know your race had many tough obstacles on the way and painful moments at the end, but you finished like a true champ and I’m so proud of you. It’s been over 5 new years that I had to ring in without you. I have missed you every millisecond of every day, since I last saw your angel face. Sharing your amazing journey, not only helps me but also continues to bring smiles to kids fighting that monster and also their families. Thank you for being the light that brightens my path. You are the reason I am a better person today. You completely changed our lives and I’m so grateful to have the privilege to be your mother forever and ever. I have no doubt that you are rejoicing in God’s Kingdom and I’m also sure that you are helping Him prepare a room for me. I’ll see you on the other side baby de mami, I love you forever Bryant the lion.”

From Mommy